Pallas Wong is a designer known for his concept and direction in #Humanity Awareness, and #Social Changes, for caring brands and corporations (CSR, ESG, SROI). In 2019, he was awarded a Red Dot: Best of the Best for his outstanding contribution in social awareness design, under his own name, along with international conglomerates LG Electronics and Huawei Technologies. In the same year, Pallas competed with Fox Networks and have won the MUSE Creative gold award.

Every name has a story and, every one has a role to play in the society. Long Hei has suffered from bipolar disorder for four years before named himself Pallas. Pallas, a name derived from the Greek mythology, is one who turns into an aegis, shielding his troops in battles to victory. Although mythological, his representation of this name is literal - to protect and to guide individuals as their strongest shield from needs.

As a designer, he believes media is the gateway to the heart of society - with practice in creative and design direction, his meaningful and delightful designs both touch the heart and raise public awareness for important non-political social topics with innovative mediums.


Pallas began his journey as an art director for feature films, and was nominated at the Festival de Cannes 2017. Later, he has joined ahq e-Sports Club as global brand manager. Pallas is also the creative force and the official commercial manager of world-class sports teams and personalities such as Tottenham Hotspur, Inter Milan, Real Madrid CF; Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Kane, Neymar Jr, and José Mourinho.


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